Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Online Tutorial

Module 10: ABA Resources

Here are some of the “must-have” books if you’re going to start an ABA program for your child.

Overcoming Autism: Finding the Answers, Strategies, and Hope That Can Transform a Child's Life

This book is one of the most valuable books for parents on developing an ABA program, in my opinion. It is written by an expert in the field of Autism. Dr. Koegel is a well-respected authority on Autism, ABA, and particularly naturalistic ABA strategies such as PRT. The second author, Claire LaZebnik, is the parent of a child with autism. Together, these two authors have created an AMAZING resource that you will likely find immediately helpful, quick to read, and easy to understand.

Pivotal Response Treatments for Autism: Communication, Social, and Academic Development

This book outlines the PRT method for autism intervention. It isn’t written in as much of a “user-friendly” way as the first book on this list, but it is still an excellent resource. I believe that PRT has a place in every autism intervention program, so exploring PRT is, in my opinion, a very worthy use of your time. This book is highly recommended for college professors, special education administrators, and behavior analysts. For parents and teachers, the book below may be a more practical guide to PRT, but both of these books are excellent resources.

The PRT Pocket Guide: Pivotal Response Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders

A more applied and practical guide to PRT, a vital part of an ABA program for a child with autism.

Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism

This book helps to understand things from the perspective of the child with autism. This fundamental idea can guide us to more effective teaching and behavior intervention plans. The books provides suggestions for questions to ask and things to consider to really get at the "Why?" behind behaviors and actions of children that we may not understand. Must read if you're new to autism, or if you've been in this field for years.

Principles of Everyday Behavior Analysis

This book is expensive, but it is worth it *if* you are interested in learning the science behind ABA, as well as the theoretical background and practical application of the science. It is an excellent book, and will make learning ABA principles almost effortless.

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